The Gold Medal is an expert recommendation and in selected cases also consumer recommendation for the prize-winner products and services. The new competition formula endows the participants with a range of measurable benefits, is a perfect test for those companies who seek for a confirmation of the innovativeness of their products.

But what does it really give me?

fotobueno_zm_2015-170.jpgLet the numbers answer this question. The numbers presented below are the results of the surveys conducted among the companies whose products have been awarded the MTP Gold Medal. The purpose of the survey is to answer in what way the award received is used in the company marketing activities and how it has affected the increase in the brand recognition and product sales:

  • as many as 81% respondents very positively assessed the MTP Gold Medal winners promotion package used by the MTP, believing it is useful or very useful. Less than 3% companies provided negative feedback.
  • 83% respondents admitted that the information on winning the MTP Gold Medal contributed to the increase in the number of visitors to their stand during the fair; only 0.5% did not experience such an increase
  • fotobueno_zm_2015-222.jpgThe increase in the sales of products awarded the MTP Gold Medal has been registered by 52% companies, and only 8% believe that the award had no effect on the sales

It is worth noting as well in what way the information on receiving the MTP Gold Medal award is used by the winners:

  • On the website – 96.57% respondents
  • Sent to the media – 80.39%
  • Sent to clients – 86.27%
  • The logo of the MTP Gold Medal in promotional materials – 94.12%
  • The logo of the MTP Gold Medal on the product packaging – 59.32%

In the light of the above data, a positive answer to the very important question "Do you plan to participate in the next edition of the fair and to register other products in the MTP Gold Medal competition?" has been given by nearly 80% companies!


Reach for the prestigious award at the POL-ECO-SYSTEM trade fair


only till 31.09.2017 !!!